Executive Functioning Challenges



One day workshop

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"We were desperate to help our son’s self-esteem and confidence. Enrolling him at Summit Point restored his belief in himself."

"Being encouraged to demonstrate his knowledge using educational technology has helped remove barriers to my child’s learning and made him less anxious about tests and assessment."

"The teachers at Summit Point go above and beyond to nurture the different learning styles of students."

"Rebecca supported us to understand our child’s strengths and challenges and find a way to foster his love of learning."

"We have been working with Summit for almost a term and my word, our daughter has come a long way since she started at the school."

"It’s a hard decision sending your child to a ‘special’ school, but now we’re out the other side, we realise how much our daughter needed the attention and environment that Summit Point offers."

"Her time at Summit gave our daughter the space and time to learn at her own pace, be recognised for her talents and participate in the running of the school."

"Graduating from Summit, our child is a confident learner and has a range of strategies which have helped her transition to high school."