Parent hub

We believe reporting is an on-going communication between students, teachers and parents. Parents and caregivers can access student work through LincEd and G Suite for education to help support their child at home.

G Suite for education

When a student enrols at the school they are given a digital learning space where their progress can be monitored. We use the G Suite for education to support students learning. This technology allows parents to be a part of their child's learning and progress anytime they want to. 


Flexibuzz is a school communications app that will notify you about key dates, events and alerts. Notifications are tailored so that you only receive information relevant to your children. The app also includes easy access to the school calendar, newsletters and contacting the school. Download Flexibuzz here, or from Google Play or the App Store.


You will be able to view your child’s learning and progress anytime through LincEd. Learning artefacts, achieved goals and next steps are uploaded regularly throughout the year. As well as posting evidence of learning in literacy and numeracy, there will also be pages that demonstrate learning in other areas of our curriculum.

How to access your child’s LINC-ED page:

  • Visit LincEd 
  • Your username is the email address that you have previously shared with the school. Enter your email, if you have set up your password then enter this now. If you have not logged onto Linc-ed before, please click "Get New Password". 
  • An email will be sent to you containing a link for you to click on. The link will take you to a page where you will see your new password. If you choose to personalise this, you can delete the generated password and enter your own strong, secure password. 


Mid-year and end of year reporting

Summit Point School issues reports in June and December to inform parents of students’ progress in literacy, numeracy and learner qualities. In addition, the end of year report gives details of students’ achievement as well as comments relating to our school values.

Parent open days

Parent open days will occur twice per year and provide parents and caregivers with an in-depth look at their child’s learning across the curriculum. Students will show examples of their project work, classroom achievements and can celebrate their success with their parents/caregivers. Teachers will assist students to collate the term's work, parents will be welcomed to help in the classroom set up and refreshments.

Summit friends and family group 

Summit Point School has a small but passionate team of parents and caregivers to offer general support to teachers with organising social events with the intention to raise funds for additional resources, not covered by fees and donations. Our combined efforts in raising funds will directly benefit your child's education.

Class coordinators

Every class requires a parent class coordinator. The class coordinator is a parent or caregiver of a child in the class. These parents will play a key role in our school community by assisting the classroom teacher to prepare newsletters, social events or fundraising. 

How you can help

There is a great opportunity for you to make a real difference to your child's school, connect with other families and become more involved in your child's education. If you would like to assist in any way, would like to be involved in our fundraising group or a class coordinator, please email