Please contact the school if your child is going to be absent. You can telephone the office on 09 973 5354 at any time and leave a message detailing the reason for your child’s absence, or use the form on this page.

Information about absences

Please notify the school every day your child is away. If your child is absent for any reason other than illness, please inform the school in advance of the dates they will be away.

Summit Point School uses an electronic attendance system to record the roll and monitor student attendance. Based on the Ministry of Education’s attendance guidelines absence is recorded using the following codes:

P = Present

L = Late

M = Medical (students home sick or in hospital)

J = Justified absence (unplanned absence such as accident or bereavement, or planned absence such as sports)

E = Explained but unjustifiable absence (this includes term-time holidays, visiting relatives or children staying at home)

A = Unjustified absence

Further details about these codes can be found on the Ministry of Education website

Absence notification form