Welcome to Summit Point School, and thank you for your interest. At Summit Point we are committed to empowering learners with Dyslexia, ADHD, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, as well as Twice Exceptional students. We want to help your child realise their potential in the wider world.

Why Summit Point School?

Our aim is for your child to be empowered with the skills to make appropriate judgments on how to prepare for a task and to determine how effective they are in the process. We support students in the discovery of who they are, to celebrate their differences, to build resilience, to be happy, to connect with like-minded peers and to enjoy their childhood, as they deserve. 

Dyslexic students process the world around them in uniquely different ways. They often experience language-processing difficulties, such as dyslexia, which leads students to Summit Point School. With the right pace, repetition, encouragement, and love, our students are motivation to learn.

Our teachers understand these differences in learning and tap into each student’s intelligence. They uncover their talents, remediate knowledge gaps, and teach our students how to learn, ask questions, and self-advocate for their needs.

Our individualised approach teaches to each student’s ability and skill level.

  • Your child will participate in sequential, multi-sensory lessons in our instructional block each day
  • Classes are small in size (up to 15 students)
  • Summit Point School uses a multi-modal teaching approach
  • Classes are designed to provide individualised, remedial instruction, as well as valuing strenths

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