Homework is an important part of the learning experience, but it is not unusual for students with dyslexia to take a frustratingly long time to get their homework completed each night and this can be exhausting.


Regular homework

All students have set homework each week. The primary focus of homework at Summit Point School is on what is being taught in our instructional block (numeracy and literacy), although your child will also receive topic related tasks when needed for their inquiry-based learning. 

For us, homework is about reinforcing concepts taught in class; parents and guardians will not have to teach their children anything new.


Types of homework

Literacy homework 

  • Outlaw words will be sent home in a little booklet every week. These words are directly associated with your child's literacy learning.

  • A frequently-used word list may also be sent home to practice (not every week). These need to be practiced each day for optimal retention.

  • Writing features worksheets unique to your child’s learning will be sent home on occasion. These may included social goals which are developed specifically for each child.

  • Audio books and paper books are also sent home throughout the week.

Numeracy homework

  • We have a games-based learning approach to numeracy homework, providing a compelling and exciting supplement to traditional maths learning. Many studies have shown that students perform better with the help of games-based learning.