Annual plan

Each year the school develops specific plans based on the Board’s strategic plan. This sets out the plans and goals for the year and is reported against at Board meetings throughout the year.


Curriculum overview

The Summit Point School integrated curriculum is derived from a framework of concepts that have been developed by Mark Treadwell and are incorporated across all of the key learning areas. You can view the curriculum overview here.

Targets for achievement

The aim of the school is to raise student achievement. At the start of each school year, the Board in consultation with staff set targets for achievement. These targets can be found in the annual plan and describe the school’s priority learning areas and expectations for improved student outcomes.



Analysis of variance

In order to be able to analyse progress toward school achievement targets, the school collects assessment data and evidence on student outcomes and reports these in relation to the targets set. The analysis of variance is a form of self-review in that the school evaluates the year’s work and school based initiatives in terms of their effectiveness. It can also inform the annual plan and new targets.