General information

General Information

Summit Point School is a character school founded in 2017, where an intensive multi-sensory, evidence-based approach to teaching is applied. Our school is ideal for students with dyslexia, twice exceptionalities or other language based learning differences.

School information

Academic director: Rebecca Elias 

Year levels: Primary and Intermediate school program for ages 6-12 years. Year 9 and 10 are also considered. 

Methodology: Intensive multi sensory, evidence-based learning approach

Enrolment: 40 students

Class size: Classes no larger than 12 students

Classroom student/teacher ratio: 12 to 1 plus one part-time support teacher per class

Daily tutoring student/teacher ratio: 5 to 1 in specialist reading, writing and maths groups

Faculty: 6 people

School hours: From 8.30am through to 3:15 pm

After school hours: Summit Point School does not offer any after-school programs

Latest ERO report: October 2017

Processes and procedures: Processes and procedures 2018 

Registered charity number: CC51355

Financial Information

Fees: $14,000 for the 2018 academic year

Scholarships: We offer financial scholarships to students based on need. Up to 30% of our families may receive full or partial scholarships towards their children’s education. We recognise that an independent school education is a major investment and welcome further opportunities to help families meet the cost. Please email if you know of a foundation (or company) who would be interested in our student sponsorship program.


Academic core subject areas: Language, arts, maths, science, social sciences, reading, spelling and writing 

Specialist subject areas: Visual art, library, music, physical education, technology, school newspaper, school blogs, dance, drama, meditation

Daily exercise break: yoga, tumbling, running, cooperative games, walking, swimming

Team activities: soccer, cross country running, basketball, netball


Summit Point School is small, but not limited to our own facilities. We have local beaches and swimming pools, parks and libraries and we'll make use of these wonderful resources at every opportunity.