Board of Directors

Summit Point School is an independent school for students with dyslexia and language learning differences located in Takapuna, Auckland. Summit Point is a New Zealand registered charity, run by a Board of Directors.

Rebecca Elias
Richard Bowes
Richard Bowes

Meet the Board

Rebecca Elias, Academic director

Rebecca is a registered teacher with a Master’s degree from Auckland University. She is a trained multi-sensory teacher and has spent time in specialist dyslexia schools in the USA, observing and teaching in intervention programs.

Rebecca believes in the potential of every child. There are many different ways of thinking and learning, and her work developing Summit Point School is driven by the passion of, and knowledge to, support students with dyslexia. This is the first school of its kind here in New Zealand, offering a new generation learning environment for children with dyslexia and associated learning difficulties.

Ian Marshall, Chairman

Ian is a Justice of the Peace, an Issuing Officer, a Member of the NZInstD and MINZ, and a Fellow of the NZIOB. He has significant school governance experience and is passionate about education. 
Richard Bowes, Board member
Richard works in business intelligence and data analytics. He has been gifted with dyslexia and Richard's son attends Summit Point School.
Ian Marshall, Chair
Ian Marshall

Key roles of the Board

The Board of Directors consists of three members, two appointed members and Rebecca Elias (academic director) and meets at three times a month. To put items on the agenda for a board meeting, please email The boards role is not a ‘hands on’ management activity, rather it sets goals and policies. The principal and staff implement these goals with day-to-day management and professional tasks at the school.

  • Overall responsibility for the school
  • Set goals and policies for the school
  • Monitor the performance of the school against these goals and policies
  • Appoint and support the principal of the school
  • Ratify the appointment of all staff
  • Ensure the school operates as a good employer
  • Ensure there is good communication between the school and its community

The minutes of Board of Directors meetings are available at the school office on request.