Summit Point School will allow time for your child to reach a point of understanding with their learning. Time to discuss, time to explore, time to succeed and time to enjoy.


Why Summit Point School?

Summit Point School fosters a cooperative environment where students are grouped by similar age and achievement level so that they can learn from each other, as well as from their teachers and visiting specialists. Making new friends and feeling comfortable is part of everyday life at Summit Point.

  • Small teacher student ratio (1:12)
  • One support teacher per class
  • Explicit ITC/technology training
  • Students at Summit Point School are surrounded by like-minded peers
  • They will discover that their learning differences are shared with another student
  • We value the whole child



 Compassion and creativity

Summit Point School serves 60 students, which will increase to around 90 students by the end of 2020. 
Our students excited about coming to school and learning — every day. By weaving compassion and creativity into a research-based programme and personalised instruction, our teachers unlock the potential in students with diverse learning needs who would otherwise be silenced in a more traditional school.
2020 Prospectus
There are many reasons why our school is special, learn more.