September 1, 2016
A font that’s fit for dyslexics
November 1, 2016

Osmo is a super-smart new educational app which uses reflective artificial intelligence. Most of the time you are not even in contact with the iPad itself while using the app, promoting multi-sensory learning and physical play. 

We use Osmo regularly at Summit Point School because it’s a great way for dyslexic children to learn. We even used this app throughout our 2015 summer program and the kids loved it!

Osmo comes with three different games


This game encourages spelling and comprehension. Players must guess the hidden word by placing alphabet counters in front of the iPad. A photographic image gives visual aid and players gain points for every correct letter.


This game involves arranging shapes to create and match the larger shape on the screen and comes with three levels, supporting problem solving skills.


This game is good for supporting handwriting. Players must use pen and paper (or objects) to guide the shooting balls to the targets. Once targets are eliminated, players move onto a higher, more complex level

Osmo is a highly interactive and exciting way to engage children with learning and play. It’s so good, over 2,000 schools now use this system.

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For more information about Osmo and the other apps we use to support children with dyslexia, email us or call Summit Point School on (09) 973 5354.

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