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August 1, 2016
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October 1, 2016

1 Jan 1970

We have introduced our students to filmmaking at the Summit holiday program. The students had the opportunity to learn about camera operation, sound recording, framing, scripting, make-up, props and costume. The script was adapted from Roald Dahls The Twits, funny AND gross!

Day one
We worked collectively developing a skeleton script. We had a set of vocabulary cards that we used to fill in the gaps for our final script. The students also worked on character development by drawing characters and by coming up with their own describing words.

Day two
We had the makeup artists and set dressers to help us prepare for filming scene one.

Day three
We filmed scene two and worked on poster and ticket design

Day four
This was the last day for us to work on the film as a group, so we filmed the last scene and recorded narration and sounds.

Day five
On the last day we set up the hall for our film to be presented to the parents and families as our premier.

At Summit Point School, we understand that children with dyslexia sometimes struggle with writing stories and their ideas down on paper so we decided that filmmaking would be a great way to tell stories visually.

The filmmaking module in our holiday program was a fun, creative and hands-on way for these students to learn more about visual story telling and to work on their comprehension skills. The children loved being a part of the film group to produce their masterpiece.

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