September 1, 2016

It is a thoroughly researched fact that dyslexic minds learn better from illustration rather then text. Lego is a great example of this, with instructions displayed as images, rather then explaining through text. 

Summit Point School has invested in an extensive range of Lego Mind-storm, Lego Space Challenge and Lego We Do for our students.

Lego Education promotes problem solving skills, creative and critical thinking while learning maths and engineering skills. When the complex robots are built, the students are then taught to program movement into their robots, either through an iPad or a computer.

Robotics was one the the available modules at our summer school last year. The students loved working in a small team, creating robots and showcasing their programmed abilities to parents on the Friday afternoon.

Lego is a great and hands on way to teach and encourage dyslexic learners. Lego education supports a range of skills including, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving skills, maths, science and technology.

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For more information about how our students use lego to problem solve, email us or call Summit Point School on (09) 973 5354.

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